The SUV for every Family: Opel Grandland reviews

The SUV for every Family: Opel Grandland reviews

Versatile, comfortable, and intuitive: The Opel Grandland remains a perfect fit for families.

Over the weekend, we sent the Opel Grandland out into the homes of Singapore, with the hopes of showcasing how a spacious SUV can benefit different families. And showcase it did! From packing oversized tennis equipment to taking your furry pals out for a joyride, the Grandland served as the perfect companion for making the most out of life in Singapore.

Read on to discover how each family benefited from having the Grandland in their day-to-day life!

May (@mmlittlee)

“This bold, new family-friendly Opel Grandland gets the job done with a design and stylish two-tone paint job that I love.”

No matter the size of your family, the Grandland’s roomy interior ensures everyone stays comfortable across the entire journey. Plus, being able to bring along your pets helps make every family trip an unforgettable one!

Jason Julius Lim (@jasonjuliuslim)

“This definitely fits all my activity needs and more!”

Balancing an active lifestyle can be tricky, especially if it requires bringing along heavy equipment, scooters, or bicycles for the kids across the island. With the Grandland’s spacious boot that stores up to 1,652 litres, you no longer have to worry about the logistical end of things. Just pack everything up in the boot and off you go!

Lirong (@lirongs)

“Elegant yet sporty, with intuitive controls that comprise the latest digital technologies”

On top of it all, the Grandland comes equipped with a range of driving assistance systems to make city exploring a breeze. From advanced park assists, to lane keep assists and cruise control, the Grandland helps every driver navigate the roads of Singapore with complete ease, especially with your family onboard!

grandland driving in field - The SUV for every Family: Opel Grandland reviews

Opel Grandland: Driving in field.

The Perfect Family Companion

With a seamless blend of versatility and comfort, the Opel Grandland aligns perfectly with the urban demands of life in Singapore. If you have ever wanted to upgrade your lifestyle and make the most of your family time, this is your sign to unlock exactly that.

Take the Grandland for a test drive and decide if it’s the right fit for you. Spoiler alert, it will be!

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