The Opel Track Experience

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The Opel Track Experience

The Opel Experience 2019 offers you more than ever before. The driving lessons cover the areas of Safety, Sport, Individual, and Special.

  • Let’s face it – each of us considers ourselves a really good driver. But do we really know our limits and those of your vehicle?
  • Do we know how our car behaves in exceptional situations – when the grip breaks off, the car swims due to aquaplaning or we are forced to a full braking with evasive manoeuvres?
  • Do we know how much reserve is in a modern vehicle concept? And do we know how much fun it is to “experience” the dynamics and driving stability of the Opel model range?
  • On the other hand, have we also dealt in detail with the increasingly important aspect of “economical driving”?

The answers are provided by our driving training, led by Opel Motorsport and by experienced instructors. With different training offerings, there is something for every driving type and age. Because only who controls the rules of driving dynamics, which also has the maximum control over his vehicle and knows its technical capabilities to use the vehicle properly. And only then comes the real driving pleasure!

And last but not least, this is the foreground of our Opel driving training.

You could experience all this when you purchase or test drive an Opel! There are 11 prizes to be won; a chance for you and a partner to go to the Opel Track Experience!

Terms and conditions apply. Promotion valid till 31 July 2019.

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