Speaks for Itself: A Bold, Pure Next-Gen Opel Astra Has Arrived

  • New Opel Astra 2023

Speaks for Itself: A Bold, Pure Next-Gen Opel Astra Has Arrived

Meet the Sixth Generation of the Opel Astra

The new Opel Astra is the challenger in its class, creating a new movement in the compact class segment.

  • Winner of the Golden Steering Wheel “Best Car in Germany” 2022 at the Golden Steering Wheel Awards. The newest Astra generation is the third in succession to receive the prestigious award.
  • German Compact Car of the Year 2023 at the German Car Awards
  • Compact Car of the Year 2023 at the Irish Car and Van Awards
  • Red Dot Award 2023 in the “Product Design” category
  • The Astra is also the official ride of two-time world “Coach of the Year” Jürgen Klopp.

Experience the robust, dynamic and intuitive nature of the new Opel Astra–the first hatchback to sport Opel’s new brand language and dedication to detail, efficiency and visionary design.

The Next-Gen Opel Astra: So Bold, Pure Design that Speaks for Itself

A New Interpretation of the Bold and Pure Opel Design Philosophy

After the Crossland, Mokka and Grandland SUVs, the Astra is the first hatchback to embody the brand’s refreshed design philosophy. Sharp creases with the seamless Opel Vizor stretched across give the Astra a refined and energetic look designed to excite and thrill.

Bringing this revitalised design to its interior, the next-generation Opel Pure Panel sports a fully glazed surface that echoes the seamless integration of the Opel Vizor, with two widescreen displays delivering detoxed information in a horizontal driver-oriented format. The high quality of the interior experience is emphasised with physical controls morphing into finely crafted keys and the shape, textures, and materials used in the newly designed steering wheel.

opel astra new pure panel - Speaks for Itself: A Bold, Pure Next-Gen Opel Astra Has Arrived

Cockpit Of The Future, Realised Today: All-Digital Opel Pure Panel®

The fully digital cockpit combines two 10-inch touchscreen displays with the side air vents for the driver, forming the latest iteration of the Opel Pure Panel. Analogue displays and touchpoints are a thing of the past with the human-machine interface. Fully functional, stylish designs combined with cutting-edge technologies create a cockpit that achieves the optimum balance between digitisation and intuitive operation, detoxed of irritating visual stimuli, maintaining the signature Opel visual detox.

There is no need for cables since the new generation of multimedia infotainment systems connects wirelessly through Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™.

opel astra advance driving assistance - Speaks for Itself: A Bold, Pure Next-Gen Opel Astra Has Arrived

Advanced Driving Assistance Systems

The new Astra’s architecture also incorporates the latest automated driver assistance systems. In addition to the Digital Panoramic Visual Assistance–a multifunction camera in the windscreen, the technology comprises four body cameras: one at the front, one at the rear, and one on each side. The automated driver assistance systems also include Forward Collision Alert, which gives an audible and visible signal should you approach slower vehicles too fast. Low-speed collisions are also avoided through additional warnings provided in the driver’s field of view.

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