sgCarMart review on the new Opel Mokka GS Line 1.2A Turbo

“Chiseled and angular design makes the Opel Mokka mighty hard to beat for those that want something different.” —sgCarMart

Brewed to perfection, the Opel Mokka brings a bold statement on the streets with its sophisticated design and attribute. Packed with a whole load of new hi-tech features such as the Opel Pure Panel –  a cleanly streamlined 12″ Driver instrument panel that comes with a 10-inch infotainment screen that helps to minimise any unnecessary clutter and the new redesigned Opel Vizor front that comes with a number of driver assistance and safety technologies.

Read more about the Mokka GS 1.2A Turbo car review by sgCarMart about the design, attributes, and their driving experience with the bold and pure SUV.

“…we’ve seen plenty of twin-screen layouts in other cars, and those in the Mokka are pleasing to read and use .”

“…1.2-litre three-cylinder engine delivers plenty of pleasant notes, and makes the Opel Mokka feel light-footed on the go.”

Mokka Review by SGCarMart
Bold and Pure Opel Mokka SUV

The chiseled design of the award-winning (Top Gear Design of the Year Award & Continental Tyres’s Best Irish Small SUV of the Year 2022) Opel Mokka gives the car some presence on the road.

The standard features of the Mokka highlighted:

  • 3-cylinder in-line 12-valve turbocharged engine
  • Torque: 230 nm
  • Load space: 350 L
  • Opel Pure Panel (12″ instrument cluster + 10″ IntelliLink touch screen infotainment system)

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