SG CarMart Reviews: Opel Combo-e, Your Reliable Workday Companion 

  • Opel Combo-e SG Carmart Review

SG CarMart Reviews: Opel Combo-e, Your Reliable Workday Companion 

Looking to go all-electric with your business? Look no further than the Opel Combo-e. Keep reading to take a dive into SGCar Mart’s in-depth review of the compact cargo mover.

Quiet and Settled

“Soft springs allow the vehicle to take on all manner of road imperfections with minimal disturbances.”

What better way to go about your busy day than with a smooth ride, especially when carrying precious cargo? Robust damping allows the Opel Combo-e to avoid the constant bobbing that’s commonly found within commercial vehicles.

Even at high speeds, the Combo-e’s insulation means that the ride is pleasantly serene – minimising disdain from hours of traffic buzzing.

A Battery That Will Get You Far

“Choose to drive the Opel Combo-e with some urgency and the van will reward you. With a total 134bhp output and 260Nm of instantaneous torque to deploy, acceleration is always effortless, and you won’t find any difficulty merging onto arterial roads and highways in this van.”

With its engine doing 6.25km/kW and a range of 293km at full charge, this commercial vehicle will handle anything from last-mile deliveries to long delivery runs with ease.

combo e cargo space - SG CarMart Reviews: Opel Combo-e, Your Reliable Workday Companion 

Ample Space For Your Goods

“There are convenient water bottle holders at the corners of the dashboard for example, and a mighty large parcel shelf at the top, perfect for storing away months of receipts and paperwork all out of sight. And the plastics here all feel like they could survive that bonus round in Street Fighter II.”

Space–one of the most significant factors for a commercial vehicle–is ample in the Combo-e. There are 3,800 litres of cargo space and an interior decked out in driver and passenger intuitive design and smart storage solutions.

“Its practical body and cheap-to-run drivetrain could be just the winning combo to excite contractors and last-mile delivery businesses looking to expand their fleets.”

The standard features of the Opel Combo-e include:

  • 100% Electric
  • 135 hp (100 kW) motor
  • Battery capacity of 50 kWh
  • Max driving range of 293 km (WLTP)***
  • Zero emissions
  • 753 kg payload
  • Up to 3.9 ㎥ load space volume
  • Keyless Start

Experience the 100% electric Opel Combo-e today with a test drive.

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