Save Up to $79,000 When You Switch to an Electric Van!

Save Up to $79,000 When You Switch to an Electric Van!

Save Up to 79000 When You Switch to an Electric Van 2560x1440px - Save Up to $79,000 When You Switch to an Electric Van!

Opel Electric Vans: Time to Make The Switch?

Are you a business owner looking for ways to reduce your costs? It’s time you get up to speed with going electric.

You may have come across several articles that provide reasons for switching to EVs or seen other businesses making the transition. Let us dive into figures that show you exactly how switching to electric saves you thousands of dollars!

Running Cost of Electric Vans are Significantly Cheaper

How much do you save by switching to EVs? Electric vans are much cheaper to maintain and operate than traditional petrol or diesel vans. They require less maintenance as they have fewer moving parts. Additionally, the cost of electricity is notably cheaper than conventional fuel, making EVs more economical to operate in the long run.

Here’s a quick financial breakdown to visualize your 8-year savings when you switch from a diesel or petrol van to an Opel Combo Electric van.

Opel Combo-e Electric Van vs Petrol and Diesel Vans
Opel Combo-eBrand A Diesel VanBrand B Petrol Van
Fuel Consumption5.52 km / kWh11.24 km / L9.62 km / L
Cost of Fuel (2024)*$ 0.32 / kWh$ 2.70 / L$ 2.92 / L
Cost per 150 km (est. max LCV use per day)$ 8.82$ 36.03$ 45.53
Fuel Cost per Week *$ 52.94$ 216.19$ 273.18
Fuel Cost per Year$ 2,752.89$ 11,241.99$ 14,205.41
Estimated Yearly Maintenance#$ 487$ 1,856$ 1,856
Total Cost in 8 Years$ 25,921$ 104,784$ 128,491
Cost Difference$ 78,863$ 102,570


An electric vehicle is about three times as efficient as a vehicle with a conventional combustion engine.
* Fuel Costs for a 6-Days a Week; Electricity prices are based on wall charging rates provided by SP Group. Diesel and petrol prices are provided by Esso (Prices are accurate as of April 22, 2024).
You can travel much more cheaply with an electric vehicle than a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. The latter requires about three times the amount of energy for the same distance.
# Maintenance and repair costs for electric vehicles are significantly lower than for combustion engines.

An electric van reduces your fuel costs by 3× and cuts maintenance costs by 4× compared to a diesel van.

TLDR; by switching to an Opel Electric Van, you enjoy 8-Year Savings of $78,863. Imagine how much you could save when you electrify your fleet!

Discover the Opel Combo-e: The Electric Van You Need

The Opel Combo-e is an excellent option for those who are new to the world of commercial EVs or are looking for a practical and budget-friendly electric van. Combo-e Cargo features a high-energy density 50 kWh 18-module battery that can charge from empty up to 80% of maximum range in 30 minutes at any commercial or public 50 kW charger.

Engineered for versatility, the enhanced 11 kW on-board charger provides simple, convenient and fast range extension whenever you need it.

Combo-e Cargo’s advanced electric powertrain means that even though it shares the same reliable and rugged platform with the diesel and petrol-powered versions, and the same capacious maximum load volume of up to 3.9 m3, it still delivers emission-free, long-range, low-noise driving.

With a range of up to 293 km on a single charge, the Combo-e can cover all your daily business needs.

Ready to make the switch? Book your free test drive or send us an email of your fleet sales enquiry at

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Opel Combo-e: Singapore’s Most Affordable Electric Van.

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