Opel Open: COVID-19 Phase 2 Procedures

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Opel Open: COVID-19 Phase 2 Procedures

Dear Valued Customers,

In line with the measures announced by the Singapore Government, our dealership is taking all the needed steps to ensure our environments are kept clean and safe for all customers.

From observing safe distancing measures to conducting thorough disinfection and stringent crowd control, we are prepared to welcome you back safely and responsibly. We have implemented the following procedures to ensure this:

1. SafeEntry QR Code

It is mandatory for all staff and customers to check in and out upon visit to the showroom. Please ensure to show the receptionist a successful check in status before being permitted into the showroom.

2. Temperature Taking

It is mandatory for all staff and customers to take their temperature daily. Anyone above a temperature reading of 37.5 degrees will not be allowed into the showroom.

3. Masks and Sanitizers

It is mandatory for all staff and customers to wear a mask or be denied entry. Hand Sanitizers are available throughout the facility and customers are advised to sanitize their hands before and after each visit.

4. Showroom Cleanliness

The showroom and vehicles will be disinfected on a 2 hour interval every business day.

5. Test Drives

Test Drive Vehicles are thoroughly disinfected after each test drive conducted. Only the driver and sales consultant may be permitted in the test drive vehicle at any one time. You may experience some delays and we seek your understanding as we care for your safety and well-being.

6. Limitation on Number of People

There will be a limit on the number of customers in the showroom at any one time to a maximum of 20 people, including staff from Auto Germany. We seek your understanding as you may experience some delays in being served by the next available staff.

We sincerely seek your patience and understanding as we strive to ensure that all of you are safe and healthy. Thank you.



Your Opel Singapore Team

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