Opel Mokka-e at CarBuyer’s EV Weekend 2022

  • Opel Mokka-e at EV Weekend

Opel Mokka-e at CarBuyer’s EV Weekend 2022

With Singapore heading towards full adoption of electric vehicles by 2040, electric vehicles (EVs) are fast becoming a strong alternative to traditional petrol cars. Coupled with climate change rapidly transforming the way we live, the need to transition to vehicles that run on clean energy is greater than ever.  

Capitalising on this growing demand and the weekend crowd, CarBuyer revived its pioneering EV showcase–the EV Weekend–at Suntec City. With a unique curation of electric vehicles, passenger and commercial, available in Singapore, the roadshow was the perfect opportunity for those curious about EVs to explore their available options.

2022 ev weekend singapore suntec opel mokka e - Opel Mokka-e at CarBuyer’s EV Weekend 2022

We couldn’t have been more excited to be a part of Singapore’s largest EV showcase this past week.

Featuring the Opel Mokka-e, Opel Singapore’s first electric passenger vehicle, this past weekend saw many individuals interacting and getting to know the Opel Mokka-e. With an Opel Mokka-e ready to test drive, and a dedicated on-site team, we welcomed everyone–from curious passersby to interested owners-to-be–to touch, feel, see and experience the Mokka-e.

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