Opel Life Series: Your Lifestyle, Supercharged!

  • Opel Life Series

Opel Life Series: Your Lifestyle, Supercharged!

Choosing the Perfect MPV for You and Your Family

Whether it’s for running a home business or embarking on spontaneous adventures, it’s crucial to pick a vehicle that meets your exact lifestyle needs. No longer confined to a rigid, one-size-fits-all model, the ideal family MPV is now defined by its ability to adapt and cater to your exact needs.

The Opel Life Series aims to do exactly that— Enhancing your family’s lifestyle with uncompromised comfort and functionality.

Meet The Opel Series

Modern lifestyles require modern solutions, and Opel’s Life Series does exactly that.

Featuring the Combo-e Life and Zafira-e Life, these 7-Seater MPVs are fully electrified for the future. Whether you are looking for comfort or practicality, the Opel Life Series is designed to meet your family’s diverse vehicle needs, helping you future-proof your car without compromising on form or function.

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Read on to discover which MPV best suits your lifestyle!

Discover Combo-e Life: The Best MPV for Practicality

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When choosing a car, a business owner often considers two important factors: Is the car spacious enough for their needs, and whether it is practical for daily driving. If you’re asking both these questions, chances are, the Combo-e Life is for you. Comfortably fitting up to 7 passengers or fitting up to 2,600 litres of cargo space, this MPV has an interior that is versatile enough for those juggling between work and family. Beyond its spacious interior, the Combo-e Life is also more than capable of serving as your sole daily driver. Being 100 kW fast-charge capable and an extensive range of up to 293 km, the Combo-e Life is equipped to meet even the longest of drives around Singapore. Combined with the suite of safety features onboard, this 7-seater MPV perfectly balances between transporting your cargo in the day and family outings at night.

In essence, if you’re in the market for a versatile 7-seater MPV that meets both your business and personal needs, the Combo-e Life is exactly the car for you!

Discover Zafira-e: The Best MPV for Comfort

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For many who frequently commute with their families, seeking a comfortable drive is often a top priority when shopping for a family car. If this matches your sentiments, look no further than the Zafira-e Life!

The Opel Zafira-e Life is not just a comfortable MPV; it’s an ideal family vehicle that offers a ‘Lounge on Wheels’ experience, making every ride pleasurable for families. The 7-seater Zafira-e Life is designed to offer unmatched comfort and convenience for everyday use. Captain seats on the second row provide a luxurious experience that is topped off with a panoramic sunroof that offers up the night sky in all its glory. Looking to do more during commutes? Foldable tables further add to the functionality this spacious MPV, no matter if it’s used for family games or taking work meetings on the go.

All that is encapsulated in a whisper quiet cabin that maintains an eco-conscious approach to family travel. All that to say, if a comfortable daily driver is what you are after, the Zafira-e Life might just be the perfect electric 7-seater MPV for you!

Choosing Your Family’s Everyday Companion

The Opel Life Series offers two great options — the Combo-e Life and the Zafira-e Life. Your choice between the two depends on your lifestyle. Are you looking for a vehicle that combines work productivity with family needs? Or do you prioritize a smooth and relaxing ride for your loved ones? Whichever your preference may be, the Opel Life Series ensures that you won’t have to compromise.

Why Go Electric with Opel?

Embark on your zero-emissions journey with the Opel Life Series. By opting for an electric vehicle, you’re not just selecting a car, but also embracing a sustainable future for yourself and your loved ones. Thankfully, the Singapore Government is also supporting this green initiative, by offering up grants that drastically subsidize your next EV purchase. Transitioning to electric also means gaining access to the growing network of over 3,600 charging points island-wide, which is projected to expand to 60,000 by 2030. This flourishing EV landscape supported by the Government promises a convenient switch to electric mobility without compromising functionality!


Whether you’re managing a business or prioritizing comfort, the Opel Life Series offers an electrifying solution that seamlessly integrates into your modern lifestyle. Enjoy effortless performance, comfort, and style with a car that keeps pace with your family needs and promises to supercharge your lifestyle!

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