Furthering E-Mobility; Opel SG Partners with BlueSG

  • opel sg partner with blue sg - Furthering E-Mobility; Opel SG Partners with BlueSG

Furthering E-Mobility; Opel SG Partners with BlueSG

Auto Germany, the local distributor for Opel, has collaborated with Singapore’s leading electric car-sharing company, BlueSG, to incorporate one of Opel’s popular electric vehicle models, the Corsa-e into BlueSG’s fleet. The Opel Corsa was awarded Germany’s best-selling small car in 2020, 2021, and so far in 2022, and its electric variant named the “Golden Steering Wheel” award winner–the Opel Corsa-e is designed to be versatile and reliable.

Over the past decade, car-sharing has become one of the mainstream mobility modes in Singapore, with BlueSG leading the charge. Coupled with the growing demand for larger shared cars and the local government’s support to go electric, this created the prime opportunity for two electric powerhouses to collide.

opel sg goes electric with corsa e - Furthering E-Mobility; Opel SG Partners with BlueSG

“Car sharing is clearly evolving into one of the mainstream mobility modes in Singapore. Not only has demand increased, but there is also a greater need for greater flexibility in selecting different vehicle sizes to fit their lifestyle needs.

“We are relentlessly focused on providing new driving experiences for our users, and integrating Corsa-e into the fleet through our partnership with Stellantis demonstrates our ongoing commitment to strengthening BlueSG’s value proposition.”

–Kelvin Tay, CEO of BlueSG

With Opel and its parent company Stellantis’ commitment to electrification, BlueSG’s mission to provide sustainable and affordable transportation solutions to smart cities and the ideal market, this collaboration was nothing short of a spearheading movement.

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Mr. Christophe Musy, Senior Vice President, ASEAN & General Distributors of Stellantis, Mr. Arthur Chua, Chief Executive Officer of Goldbell Group and Mr. David Pang, Director of Auto Germany kick-starting the collaborative partnership towards furthering e-mobility.

“At Stellantis, our vision is to become a frontrunner in electrification, and we are committed to delivering innovative, clean, safe and affordable mobility solutions as outlined in our Dare Forward 2030 strategy. With Opel spearheading this drive in Singapore, our partnership with BlueSG is an essential milestone to achieve our goal of lowering carbon emissions and accelerate towards leadership in electrification in the ASEAN region.”

–Christophe Musy, Head of ASEAN and General Distributors, Stellantis

A cool and modern German brand, Opel has always been ahead of its time when it comes to launching electric cars fully suitable for everyday use. As early as 2020, the Corsa-e clearly defeated tough rivals and claimed one of the most important awards in the German automobile industry–the “Golden Steering Wheel”.

Today, Opel already offers a comprehensive selection of electrified models.

“We are redefining mobility–with the clear goal of becoming a fully electric brand in Europe by 2028, with cars that offer driving pleasure with responsibility.”

–Florian Huettl, Opel CEO

The Corsa-e is now available to BlueSG users.

About the Opel Corsa-e

Battery: Greater capacity with fast-charging capabilities

The Opel Corsa-e’s larger battery capacity of 50 kWh allows for longer trips of up to 337 km with fast charging capabilities of up to 80% in just 30 minutes. Its powerful 97 kW powertrain makes the Corsa-e a smooth yet inherently fun ride.

Body: Sporty and athletic

The Corsa-e conveys dynamics through its sporty design. The car’s bold stance and roofline highlights the bold and sporty personality of this crowd-favourite model.

Build: Designed for everyday life

With an interior that comfortably seats five and a 309 L boot that effortlessly holds a day’s haul, the Corsa-e provides BlueSG users with a car that can meet their unique needs. The car’s cockpit embodies Opel’s bold and pure spirit, with buttons and dials situated intuitively around the driver.

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