Electric vs Diesel vs Petrol

Electric vs Diesel vs Petrol

combo e overnight charging - Electric vs Diesel vs Petrol

Opel Combo-e: Overnight Charging.

Picking The Right Commercial Vehicle For Your Business

Whether you are looking for a commercial van for a small business or a larger organization, understanding the different options in the market can be daunting. Thankfully, making the right decision has never been easier. With the differences between electric, petrol, and diesel vehicles growing wider every year, electric vans have emerged as a clear favorite among the three. In fact, electrification has revolutionized the way businesses operate, by not only drastically improving a fleet’s capabilities, but also saving the most on running costs.

Not convinced? Read on to find out how going electric can drive you ahead of your competition!

Benefits of Electric Commercial Vehicles

With the leaps in battery innovations over the past few years, more businesses than ever are now able to benefit from electric vans. Whether you require your commercial vehicle to be a delivery van, cargo van, or even a logistical van, the versatility of e-vans has allowed them to surpass their diesel counterparts in many aspects. Here are just some ways going electric can help you pull ahead of the competition:

  1. Electrical charging is significantly cheaper than petrol or diesel. Coupled with the fact that an electric vehicle is more efficient and can travel about three times more cheaply than a vehicle with an internal combustion engine for the same amount of energy, going electric can significantly decrease how much you pay in fuel costs especially for commercial vans that regularly travel long distances.
  2. Electric vehicles cost less to maintain than their petrol and diesel counterparts. This is because electric vehicles have lesser moving parts, allowing them to be maintained at a cheaper cost.
  3. As electric vehicles run free of carbon emissions, changing to an electric fleet contributes towards reducing your corporate emissions levels, whilst helping you meet your sustainability targets.

Thinking of making the switch? Read on to learn about our choice for an affordable e-van that gets your business started on electric!

combo e charging while parked - Electric vs Diesel vs Petrol

Opel Combo-e: Charging While Parked.

Singapore’s Most Affordable Electric Van: The Opel Combo-e

Introducing the best value van for your business needs, the Opel Combo-e allows you to reap the long-term benefits of electric vans without the high price tag of other electric vehicles. Coupled with grants that subsidize $15,000 off your purchase, the Combo-e remains the most affordable van in Singapore for transiting toward an electric fleet.

Don’t be fooled by its low price tag! Inspired by its award-winning predecessor, the Combo-e benefits not only from a highly functional design language but also from class-leading efficiency that tops even its electric competitors. Depending on your business needs, the Combo-e can also be fitted to meet your specifications, to offer remarkable practicality and performance.

The market’s choice for all things logistics, the Opel Combo-e is your perfect business partner that is available for immediate registration and fleet sales!

opel combo e side loading doors - Electric vs Diesel vs Petrol

Opel Combo-e: Side-Loading Doors.

A True Budget Cargo Van

What happens when you combine the affordability of the Combo-e and the running cost savings of going electric? You get a low-cost entry into the world of electrification, which makes you question why you have waited so long to convert! To help you visualize the extent of your savings when going electric, we calculated how much the Combo-e can save you when compared to current alternatives in the following table:

Opel Combo-e Electric Van vs Petrol and Diesel Vans
Opel Combo-eBrand A Diesel VanBrand B Petrol Van
Fuel Consumption5.52 km / kWh11.24 km / L9.62 km / L
Cost of Fuel (2023)$ 0.43 / kWh$ 2.37 / L$ 2.79 / L
Cost per 150 km (est. max LCV use per day)$ 11.68$ 31.63$ 43.50
Fuel Cost per Week$ 81.76$ 221.40$ 304.50
Fuel Cost per Year$ 4,263.20$ 11,544.95$ 15,877.50
Estimated Yearly Maintenance#$ 155.00$ 550.00$ 550.00
Total Cost in 8 Years$ 35,345.60$ 96,759.60$ 131,420.00
Cost Difference$ 61,414.00$ 96,074.40


An electric vehicle is about three times as efficient as a vehicle with a conventional combustion engine.
You can travel much more cheaply with an electric vehicle than a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. The latter requires about three times the amount of energy for the same distance.
# Maintenance and repair costs for electric vehicles are significantly lower than for combustion engines.

Over a period of 8 years, you can save tens of thousands in running costs per vehicle, all thanks to the affordability of electric vehicle ownership. Now THAT is a budget cargo van that makes sense.

Ready to take the first step towards electrification? Book your free test drive or send us an email of your fleet sales enquiry at

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