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Versatility that turns heads. Style that’s ready for anything. From the boldly distinctive Vizor to the pure practical interior, the new Opel Crossland is the crossover with everyday flexibility and beautiful SUV design to turn heads wherever you go.


Looking this good is just a bonus.


opel crossland exterior 4x3 cr21 e01 004 - Crossland

The new Crossland makes a bold statement in pure progressive design. German engineered for the demands of your busy everyday lifestyle and your next adventure.

With a fresh design featuring prominent bonnet flares, shorter overhangs, sporty skid plates and a desirable floating roof with red openings, the new Opel Crossland is a modern and attractive crossover with SUV style presence and appearance. The new Opel vizor further adds to the bold and distinctive design, commanding attention from all around.
opel crossland interior - Crossland

The Crossland features attention grabbing Signal Red accents on the dashboard, front and rear seats, impressing any passenger with its sporty luxurious finish.

Premium spacious design with German precision. Furnished with full leather seats and steering wheel, intuitive handling and the typical SUV raised seating position.
opel crossland exterior rear lamps 4x3 cr21 e01 002 - Crossland

Dark-tinted LED taillights add style and visibility as part of the signature Opel wing light design. The high-gloss black tailgate accents and new badging visually lowers the car, highlighting the new Crossland’s wide and strong stance.

opel crossland exterior wheels 4x3 cr21 e01 003 - Crossland

Crossland’s new look is confidently ready for everyday adventure – and gets even better when you make it your own. The muscular 17-inch rims and sculpted wheel arches on the Crossland creates a provocatively eye-catching and distinctively bold appearance.

Please note: Panoramic roof is not available in Singapore.


opel crossland exterior afl headlamps 4x3 crpi21 e01 508 - Crossland

Be in complete command of the road and drive safer. The Opel Crossland’s full LED headlights massively improves visibility and driving safety in all conditions. Daytime running headlights further add to the Crossland’s bold and muscular appearance. All the better to see, and be seen, in Crossland.

opel crossland interior rear view camera 4x3 cr21 i01 009 - Crossland

There’s more to Crossland’s Panoramic Rear View Camera than just never having to twist around in your seat again. This smart 180° camera puts a high-def, extra-wide view comfortably on your dashboard, so you can see your blind spots, check obstacles, and avoid danger when reversing into traffic.

opel crossland park assist 4x3 crpi21 t01 530 - Crossland

Make parking effortless with Crossland’s driver assistance systems that guide you into even the snuggest spot. The Automatic Park Assistant scans the space with sensors and autonomously steers the vehicle into the spot, while you just take care of the accelerator, brake and gear change. When you’re done, it can steer you back onto the road, too.

opel crossland emergency braking 4x3 crpi21 t01 527 - Crossland

The Crossland has your back in every situation: packed with cutting-edge technology, it makes driving easier and safer than ever before.

  • Lane Departure Warning: Prevents accidents by warning the driver with an audio and visual signal.
  • Forward Collision Alert: this safety feature automatically warns you when you approach a vehicle too quickly with a visual and an audible warning.
  • Side Blind Spot Alert: Ultrasonic sensors monitor surrounding events. An optical signal will warn the driver if there are moving objects in the blind spots.

Opel driver assistance systems are intended to support the driver within the limitations intrinsic to the system. The driver remains responsible for the driving task at all times.


opel crossland interior loading space 4x3 cr21 i01 011 - Crossland

Crossland’s got all the space you need. The cabin is endlessly adaptable to fit to your lifestyle, offering exceptional versatility and the storage space of a SUV – for whatever your day brings. With a regular luggage capacity of 410 litres, expandable up to 1,255 litres, the Crossland provides one of the largest and most flexible load capacities in its class.

opel crossland interior sliding seats 4x3 cr21 i01 012 - Crossland

If your day is proving to be more demanding than usual, you can make Crossland even more spacious. The rear seats can be moved and are foldable at a ratio of 40/60, offering maximum levels of space and comfort to meet the functional needs of an active lifestyle.


opel crossland interior infotainment 4x3 cr205 i08 026 - Crossland

Looking to be the most connected car on the road? With Opel’s award winning, top-of-the-line IntelliLink® multimedia system with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, enjoy seamless connectivity with your smartphone or tablet all the time.

  • Apple CarPlay™ is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
  • Android Auto™ is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
  • Compatibility and functionality may differ depending on the device and/or operating system.
opel crossland x interior navigation 4x3 cr18 i01 027 - Crossland

Whether you’re on a route you’ve taken a hundred times or exploring new territory, Crossland’s navigation suite will help you reach every destination safely and easily with simple, intuitive turn-by-turn guidance.


opel crossland exterior driving 4x3 cr21 e01 013 - Crossland

Just as Crossland’s new look breaks the convention that SUVs can’t be beautifully stylish, Opel’s high-efficiency engine are redefining how dynamically an SUV can handle. The 1.2 Direct Injection Turbo petrol 96 kW (130 hp) engine provides exhilarating performance and unparalleled confident control at every turn.

opel crossland interior transmission 4x3 crpi21 i01 531 - Crossland

Crossland is smooth around the corners, smooth in its style, and every bit as smooth shifting gears during even the most dynamic of maneuvers with its 6-speed Quickshift automatic transmission.

opel crossland exterior 4x3 cr21 e01 002 - Crossland

Crossland has always been at the forefront of Opel’s commitment to meeting and improving on all future European emissions standards. Advanced powertrains, emission-reducing technologies, and efficiency-boosting features such as Start/Stop engines means lower fuel consumption.



opel crossland ultimate my2100 576x324 - Crossland
  • 130 HP (96kW) turbocharged direct injection petrol engine
  • 6-speed automatic transmission
  • 17-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels
  • LED Headlights with Daytime Running Lights
  • LED Taillights
  • High-definition 8-inch colour touchscreen
  • IntelliLink® infotainment multimedia system with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ connectivity
  • Intelligent front camera safety system
    • Lane Departure Warning
    • Forward Collision Alert
    • Side Blind Spot Alert
  • 180° rear view camera with Opel™ Park Assist for seamless parking
  • Keyless Open and Start
  • Versatile boot storage – 410 litres of load space which can be maximized to 1,255 litres with rear seats collapsed

Please note: Panoramic roof is not available in Singapore.