Buying vs Leasing Commercial Vans In Singapore

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Buying vs Leasing Commercial Vans In Singapore

Choosing between buying or leasing a commercial vehicle can be a tough decision since there are pros and cons to both forms of vehicle ownership. However, while leasing seems like the obvious choice due to its perceived hassle-free nature, more businesses realise the advantages of owning their own commercial vans.

Read to discover why purchasing a corporate fleet could be the next logical step in upgrading your business!

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Opel Vivaro-e: Loading in workshop.

Worry-Free Operations

Unlock true operational freedom by taking control of your corporate fleet. Depending on the contracts of leased vans, your business might be restricted by a mileage limit, or be required to pay potentially hefty fees for signs of general wear and tear. Consequently, these risks create additional burdens that further complicate your logistical operations. Thankfully, your company can take control of these factors by meeting your commercial vehicle needs direct from Opel.

With attractive servicing support, direct access to Opel’s experts, genuine parts, and exclusive discounts, owning an Opel van empowers you to satisfy your business needs.

combo charging overnight - Buying vs Leasing Commercial Vans In Singapore

Opel Combo-e: Charging overnight.

Savings, Savings, And More Savings!

The greatest benefit of owning your own commercial van is the significant savings compared to leasing. While leasing appears appealing due to lower upfront costs, these contracts typically involve a higher monthly payment that adds up over time. In comparison, purchasing an Opel electric van can lead to a lower monthly cost of van ownership, even with maintenance costs factored in.

Just how much can you save? Here’s a table comparing both short and long-term leasing options, against the cost of purchasing an Opel Combo-e.

Buying vs Leasing Commercial Vans
Short Term Monthly Costs$1,120$2,000
1 Year Total Costs$13,440$24,000
Long Term Monthly Costs$1,120$1,800
3 Year Total Costs$40,320$64,800


Costs may vary but are accurate as of July 2023.

Riding On The Green Wave

As Singapore gradually shifts into a greener future, businesses often believe choosing electric would hurt their bottom lines. But the contrary is true, with lower charging and maintenance costs typical within Opel electric vans. Additionally, the infrastructure for electric vehicles continues to grow. There are already 3,600 charging stations island-wide, and by 2030, there would be 60,000 stations. Along with all the advantages of electric vehicles, including cheaper charging costs, lower maintenance costs, and improved reliability, the future of commercial vehicles is all but certain to be electric.

That’s not all there is to going green with Opel. As part of this green wave, the Singapore Government is currently subsidising the purchase of electric commercial vehicles by $15,000. By purchasing an e-van now, your business will not only get to maximise the operational advantages of electrification, but all of its financial supports as well.

There has NEVER been a better time to transition toward an electric fleet. Discover Singapore’s MOST affordable e-van and never look back again.

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