Opel Astra Hatchback GS

Astra Hatchback GS


from $1,320 p/m

Precision engineering designed and produced in Germany means you get the best of everything. There’s no need to compromise to get a thrilling drive everyday, stylish looks, low running costs and innovative technology.


Uniting bold and pure design, from the Opel Vizor on the outside to the all-digital Pure Panel in the cockpit, with top technologies that make driving safer and more enjoyable, the new Opel Astra has achieved a double triple in winning the Golden Steering Wheel, one of the most important awards in the German automobile industry. The newest Astra generation is the third in succession to receive the prestigious award. At the same time, Opel has won the coveted award for the third year in a row and is its 20th Golden Steering Wheel. Source: AUTO BILD (#45/2022) & BILD am SONNTAG (#46/2022).

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The Astra that demands to be driven.


opel astra gs exterior - Astra Hatchback GS
Looking forward

There’s no chance of mistaking the new Opel Astra for just another car. Every line and curve makes it clear that this is the future of driving. From the bold sweep of the signature Vizor® leading the way at the front to the sheer, taut surfaces that give the new Astra it’s distinctly sporty confident stance, every unique aspect and unexpected feature makes it stand out from the crowd.

opel astra gs interior - Astra Hatchback GS
Outstanding interior

Experience a new world of next-generation interior design and innovation. Inside the new Astra you’ll discover the new and improved digitally-detoxed Opel Pure Panel® that streamlines driver information like never before. Surround yourself with space, technology and pure, uncluttered comfort thanks to state-of-the-art connectivity.

opel astra gs roof - Astra Hatchback GS
Style on top

Now’s your chance to unfollow ordinary, because standing out has never felt so easy. Take personal style to the next level with the Astra’s bold visual enhancements, such as a sleek black accent roof1.

1 Available as standard only on selected models.

opel astra gs signature rear lights - Astra Hatchback GS
Brilliant from every angle

The purest design is clean in line and execution, which is why everything down to the finest details of the new Opel Astra are efficient and perfectly balanced. Sharply precise German proportions follow a compass principle where even energy-saving rear LED lights perfectly harmonize with the visual axis.

opel astra gs vizor - Astra Hatchback GS
Face the future

You’re face to face with the boldest hatch around. Where other cars would have an everyday grille, the Opel Astra features the signature Vizor®. This striking panel is pure German form-follows-function design, sleekly integrating front-end devices, sensors, and functions into a single smooth sweep.


opel astra gs led lights - Astra Hatchback GS
LED headlights

Unique Opel “wing” signature headlights and daytime running lights add both style and improved visibility. And, leading technology also means saving energy, our powerful and efficient LED headlights only consume 20 Watts which results in lower CO emissions.

opel astra gs cruise control - Astra Hatchback GS

Safety is a priority with Opel’s most advanced and intuitive assistance technologies working together to make the new Astra the safest and most relaxing driving experience we’ve ever built.

  • Cruise Control1, 2: with cruise control, you never have to compromise on safety to enjoy a comfortable, relaxing drive. It accelerates and brakes automatically to help keep a consistent distance from the vehicle in front at all times.
  • Forward Collision Alert2: this safety feature automatically warns you when you approach a vehicle too quickly with a visual and an audible warning.
  • Automatic Emergency Braking2, 3: the system monitors the traffic situation in front of the vehicle and if a collision situation is detected, braking is activated.

1 Cruise control allows for a constant driving speed to be set, eliminating the need to control the throttle. The speed increase and decrease button can be pressed continuously for continuous adjustments of 5 km/h or in small increments for small adjustments of 1 km/h. Cruise control can be temporarily overridden with the throttle pedal kickdown. On releasing the throttle, the speed returns to the one set earlier.
2 Opel driver assistance systems are intended to support the driver within the limitations intrinsic to the system. The driver remains responsible for the driving task at all times.
3 Automatic Emergency Braking works automatically above 8 km/h and below 80 km/h. The brakes are applied decelerating the vehicle with 0.5 g in the upper speed range (40 km/h⁠ to ⁠80 km/h) and full deceleration in the lower speed range (8 km/h⁠ to ⁠40 km/h).

opel astra gs lane keep assist - Astra Hatchback GS
Lane departure warning with Lane Keep Assist

Enjoy a greater level of safety and awareness while driving. Lane Keep Assist (LKA)1, 2 actively responds to dangerous driving by gently steering2 the vehicle back into lane markings.

1 Activates at speeds above 8 km/h.
2 Opel driver assistance systems are intended to support the driver within the limitations intrinsic to the system. The driver remains responsible for the driving task at all times.
opel astra gs digital panoramic visual assistance - Astra Hatchback GS
Digital panoramic visual assistance

The Digital Panoramic Visual Assistance activates automatically or on-demand when you put Astra into reverse and uses four cameras placed around the car. The HD and real-time images are the best support to check the car surroundings. Switch between individual cameras to get a clear view of any approaching cross-traffic and make parking in tight spots a breeze.

opel astra gs keyless entry and start - Astra Hatchback GS
Keyless entry & start

The new Astra’s Keyless Entry & Start, paired with smart capacitive door handles, means you don’t even have to break stride when starting a new journey. Simply slide in, press start and get going.


opel astra gs multimedia - Astra Hatchback GS

Take your boldest beats or purest relaxation on the road. The new fully-digital Pure Panel® features a 10″ instrument cluster and 10″ center touchscreen that wirelessly integrates your smartphone via Apple CarPlay™1, 3 and Android Auto™2, 3. The new and intuitive smartphone-like user interface can be fully personalized with individual profile management including driver recognition.

The Multimedia system include features like AM/FM/DAB+ radio, Bluetooth® audio streaming4 and dual USB-C ports for immersive music wherever you go.

1 Apple CarPlay™ and Apple Siri™ are registered trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
2 Android Auto™ is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
3 Compatibility and certain functionalities may differ depending on type of device and version of operating system. To check the compatibility of your device, go to www.apple.com, or www.android.com, or contact Opel Singapore.
4 Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG inc.

opel astra gs wireless charging - Astra Hatchback GS
Wireless charging

The cabin of the new Opel Astra has been given a digital-detox of all the clutter, and includes innovative features to help you keep in clean and serene without a mess of cables. Charge your compatible devices using the integrated wireless charger1. Inbuilt rapid-movement detection failsafe prevents wireless overload damage to your device’s battery when driving over bumpy surfaces.

1 Availability dependent on offer. Only for PMA or QI enabled devices. To check the compatibility of your device, contact Opel Singapore.


opel astra gs next gen engine - Astra Hatchback GS
Next-gen engine

This next-generation Opel Astra has been engineered around a whole new platform, precision-made for agility, driveability and comfort. Under the hood, enjoy a technologically enhanced turbo-charged powertrain. Smooth, reliable, and perform with highly competitive running costs & low CO2 levels.

opel astra gs tramission - Astra Hatchback GS

Get to grips with Astra’s dynamic yet economical transmission. The engine’s precision-engineered 8-speed automatic transmission provides an exceptionally smooth and sophisticated drive.

opel astra gs drive modes - Astra Hatchback GS
Driving modes

The new Opel Astra puts responsive power at your fingertips, with the option to select the Driving Mode that perfectly suits your journey, road conditions, and mood. NORMAL will always give you ideally balanced range and power, while ECO will optimize efficiency. Of course, whenever you want maximum fun, just hit SPORT to make every drive a thrilling performance.


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  • 130 HP (96kW) turbocharged direct injection petrol engine
  • 8-speed automatic transmission
  • 17-inch alloy wheels
  • LED Headlights with Daytime Running Lights
  • LED Taillights
  • Opel Pure Panel
    • 10″ Digital Instrument Cluster
    • 10″ IntelliLink® infotainment multimedia system with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ connectivity
  • Intelligent front camera safety system
    • Cruise Control
    • Lane Keep Assist
    • Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Digital Panoramic Visual Assistance
  • Keyless Entry and Start
  • Electric Parking Brake
  • Versatile boot storage–up to 422 litres of load space which can be maximized to 1,389 litres with rear seats collapsed
  • 6 airbags: driver’s and front passenger’s airbags, and curtain airbags for front and rear passengers