A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Delivery Van for Your F&B Business

  • The perfect delivery van for your F&B business

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Delivery Van for Your F&B Business

The evolving landscape of the restaurant and catering industry highlights the need for an increased focus on delivery services. With this shift comes the importance of choosing the right van for your F&B business operations. In a competitive market with a variety of commercial vehicles available, navigating the market can be overwhelming.

Whether you’re running a restaurant, managing a catering service, handling a food delivery company, or a wholesale food distributer, this comprehensive guide will equip you with essential knowledge to select the perfect delivery van for your F&B business, ensuring smooth operations and satisfied customers.

Essential Considerations When Selecting the Ideal Van

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Opel Combo-e: Unlock Cost Savings, Maximize Government Subsidies

Cost Effective

Running a healthy F&B business means keeping an eye on costs. Forget just environmental benefits – going electric translates to major fuel cost savings over time. Electrical charging is not just significantly cheaper than diesel, it’s much less volatile too. Additionally, you save from low maintenance costs due to fewer moving parts in electric vehicles. This translates to increased profitability for your F&B business, giving you a competitive edge.

And that’s not all – To further incentivize a wider adoption of electric vehicles, the Singapore Government has rolled out limited-time subsidies of $15,000 for electric vehicles. At the same time, high-emission petrol and diesel vehicles are also beginning to see surcharges of up to $20,000.

By transiting towards an electric fleet now, you can not only tap into the flourishing infrastructure of electrical charging, but also cash in on Electric Commercial Vehicle SG Government subsidies that give you an advantage over other slower-moving competitors.

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Opel Combo-e: Ample Cargo Space for Your Deliveries

Cargo Capacity

Knowing your specific business type will help you in selecting the van with ideal cargo capacity.

First, consider your delivery volume and the nature of your F&B business. Whether it’s individual meals or large event setups, the right van size matters. Choosing the right size strikes a balance: a compact van may be snug for bulk orders, while a larger one could be inefficient for routine deliveries. If your business delivers fresh produce or delicate desserts, it is important to invest in a proper van with refrigeration or insulation. Ultimately, your ideal cargo capacity should accommodate your current needs with room for future growth, ensuring smooth deliveries and happy customers.

Read on to explore a suitable electric van for your business needs.

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Opel Combo-e: Reliability in Every Mile

Convenient, Functional, Reliable

With over 3,600 charging points island-wide, and a projected explosion to 60,000 by 2030, Singapore’s growing EV landscape promises a convenient transition for F&B businesses to switch to electric vans. When making the switch, there’s no need to compromise on functionality.

Delivery doesn’t end when you reach the customer’s doorstep. Seamless loading and unloading are crucial for a smooth operation, especially if your drivers are making frequent stops throughout the day. Explore electric vans with wide-opening doors and low cargo floors for effortless loading and unloading. Think long term, prioritize choosing a van with easy maintenance in mind.


Choosing the right van is an investment in your F&B business’s success. By considering these factors and carefully evaluating your options, you can find the perfect vehicle to deliver smooth operations, happy customers, and increased profitability!

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Opel Combo-e: Electrifying Deliveries, Elevate Your Business

Power Up Your F&B Deliveries: Opel Cargo Vans, An Electric Solution

Plug into the future with Opel’s electric cargo vans.

For F&B businesses seeking a seamless transition to electric, the Opel Combo-e is your perfect partner. Despite its compact size, it boasts a generous cargo volume of up to 3.9 m³ and comes equipped with essential cargo management features — ideal for food catering or restaurant deliveries. Look no further, this is the practical and efficient solution you’ve been searching for.

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