120 Things an Opel Fan Must Have Done

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120 Things an Opel Fan Must Have Done

Rüsselsheim. It’s not just fun being an Opel fan; there are also many obligations that come with the status. As part of Opel’s celebrations around the 120th anniversary of automotive production, the Opel Post has created a list of 120 things an Opel fan must have done. The online magazine for employees and friends of the brand had received more than 200 suggestions from its readers.

“Our readers have loads of ideas and an endless supply of knowledge about the brand and its models”, said Roland Korioth, Editor in Chief of Opel Post. “After all, the Opel brand is all about passion – fascinating, tradition-rich and always approachable.”

At the top of the list is a visit to Oschersleben in Germany and the Opel Fan Festival, the biggest in the world. From May 23-26, the race track will be transformed once again into a gigantic Opel party location – this year under the motto of “Opelsleben XXIV – Back to the Roots.” The Opel brand itself will make two new presentations at the event: the new Zafira Life will celebrate its German-premiere and another still secret Opel show car will also make its debut.

Visitors to Oschersleben can also discover the other 120 things an Opel fan must have done, such as:

  • … turn on the headlights of an Opel GT,
  • … take a night-drive using Opel’s matrix light,
  • … know (or find out) which celebrity drives a right-hand drive Opel Insignia in England (clue: the driver has been involved with Opel for years and also loves football),
  • … find a shark hidden in the interior of an Opel car,
  • … or made a new friend in the back of an Opel Rekord Caravan.

At least once in their lives Opel fans should also have:

  • … visited the Opel Baths in Wiesbaden and enjoyed the view over the Rhine-Main region;
  • … shot a selfie with Adam Opel at Opel’s old main entrance in Rüsselsheim;
  • … and ordered a “Manta-Teller” (a culinary highlight consisting of curry-sausage, chips, mayonnaise and ketchup).

The 120 tasks also contain lots of tips and obligations. Among other things, Opel fans must know the “Green Monster” and the “Black Widow”, and have invited the family out on a picknick in an Opel. The duties also include seeing a certain film from Brigitte Bardot – to find out which one, fans and friends of the brand need to visit www.opelpost.com, where all 120 things an Opel fan must have done are listed!

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